The signed entry form, downloadable here, will have to be sent together within the 4th of June, with the participation fee and a copy of the HTP’s first page to:

Scuderia Automobilistica Clemente Biondetti A.S.D.
Via Gino Capponi 26 - 50121 Firenze
Telephone contact +39.055.2479121
or by fax to +39.055.2342629
or via emai Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Participation fees

Rally - € 840,00
(€ 700,00 registration fee + IVA)

Regolarità sport - € 360,00
(€ 300,00 registration fee + IVA).

Parade - € 240,00
(€ 200,00 registration fee + IVA).

The payment may be made through a check paid to the order of Scuderia Automobilistica C. Biondetti ASD or through a bank transfer to:

Banca MPS - Agenzia 26 - Savonarola, 2
c/c 631577.19 - ABI 1030 CAB 02835 - CINM
IBAN IT 86M 01030 02835 000063157719


Admitted vehicles

RALLY. Event reserved for vehicles that have permission to transit on public roads. Vehicles from the following groups will be admitted: first group (D, E, F, G1 periods), second group (G2, H1 periods), and third group (H2, I periods). The following categories will be admitted: T, GT, TC, GTS, GTP1, GTP2, GTP3, and Biposto Corsa (BC with homologation numbers between 220 and 255) homologated as Group 4 between 1/1/1966 and 1/1/1969 and as Group 5 in 1970. The rally event is valid for the Campionato, Trofeo, and Coppa CSAI Rally.

REGOLARITA’ SPORT. Reserved for vehicles included in the divisions outlined by Chapter 2 of the Annuario’s NS23, belonging to the T, TC, GT, GTS, GTP, and BC categories, built before the end of 1986, and inserted into their corresponding divisions.

PARADE. In the “Mugello Classico” parade section, a maximum of 50 vehicles will be admitted, which will be allowed to drive on the sections of the course closed to traffic ‘en souplesse’.
Two alternatives will be scheduled:
a) One complete lap of the 65 Km. road circuit, including the three special stages that are part of the Rally event. (Reserved for vehicles that conform to the Italian Road Code.)
b) Two runs of special stage 3 (10.300 Km.) from Firenzuola to Traversa with return to the starting line for a total of about 50 Km. (Reserved for vehicles that do not conform to the Italian Road Code.)

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